Why get your brows done in winter?

You may have heard that it’s better to undergo semi-permanent tattoo procedures in the cooler months of the year. To be honest, there’s an element of truth to that – and like most things, there’s a long and short explanation as to why!

In a nutshell

Semi-permanent tattooing is a procedure that has some aftercare considerations, and these may be easier to adhere to in winter due to less exposure to the sun’s UV rays, heat, water, skincare products and even types and styles of makeup.

The long version…


Exposure to the sun’s rays in winter is obviously lessened. Here in New Zealand, we benefit from a much cooler winter being so far south of the equator, so not only is UV much weaker overall, but we spend far less time outside when compared to the summery season. So, this means it’s easier to avoid excess sun exposure, which will benefit and speed up the healing process, and you’ll end up with a better result.

Importantly, UV is always damaging to the pigment in your brows. Although critical for the aftercare process, any excess exposure to the sun’s rays – even on healed brows – will speed up the breakdown of pigment. This means you’ll need to book your touch-up appointment even sooner, as your brows will end up fading faster than they otherwise would. While we’re talking about UV – it’s important to always protect your face. As part of any good skincare routine, wear a high SPF sunscreen and avoid extended periods of sun exposure on your face, even if you don’t have semi-permanent brows! Not only does it reduce ageing and the damaging effects of the sun, you minimise the risk of skin cancer – so a very good habit to get into.

Skincare and makeup

Speaking of skincare, a part of summer is taking care of the skin – and that means sunscreen and moisturiser (and sometimes aloe vera!). As the brows are healing, you’ll need to avoid all types of products on your skin – so although we advocate wearing sunscreen on your face all year around, it’s less critical in the winter months – and it makes it easier to avoid putting product in your brows by accident as they are healing.

Products on the skin of course also include makeup. A lot of us wear makeup all year around of course, but in summer due to the festive season there tend to be many more reasons to dress up to the nines! With Christmas parties, friend catch ups, family gatherings, New Year’s Eve and everything in between – it’s easier to get your brows done at a quieter time of year while they go through the healing process, so you don’t have to be so careful in avoiding the brow area when putting your face on.

Water and moisture

Likewise, part of the aftercare procedure is to avoid water. This is very important in the overall healing process – so take it seriously and you’ll have the best brows possible! When we say water though, we really mean moisture – so this includes sweat. As you know, summer can get quite warm – so even if you’re not a gym bunny, you will find yourself sweating due to the heat. Clearly this is much easier to avoid in winter – you are far likelier to be shivering than sweating, no matter where in the country you are! Not only this, but if you want a sneaky trip to the beach (or a dip in a friend’s pool!) you’ll have to wait at least 10 days before jumping right in after each treatment – otherwise, be content with sitting on the edge and cooling off the toes.

So what we’re saying is…

Getting your brows done at any time of year is hugely beneficial in saving time, effort and money – but having treatments in winter makes the aftercare procedure a breeze.

The best time to book in is, of course, now – so head on over and get in touch to make your reservation!