Getting your brows done: how will my own eyebrows look?

When researching semi-permanent brow techniques online, no doubt you’ll trawl through plenty of before and afters. We highly recommend doing plenty of research, and before and after transformations are a great way to check the work of the brow artist you plan to go to, so it’s always a good idea! We’ve got our own gallery as well for you to look through, both on Instagram and our blog on some of our favourite transformations.

What these transformations won’t tell you, however, is what a brow treatment will end up looking like on your own face. So, how can you tell you’re going to love the end product?

Know your style, and what you like

Although the brow artist will take huge measures to make sure your brows perfectly suit your face, you also need to have an idea of what it is you want, and let your brow artist know of any preferences at the beginning of your treatment session (or consultation, if you have opted for one ahead of making your decision). Consider things like:

  • Your usual makeup style – how do you do your brows each day for work?
  • What kind of clothes or general style do you have? Will this impact the result you are after?
  • Your hair colour – do you colour it often? Are you planning on changing it any time soon?
  • What is your natural hair colour?
  • What is your ethnicity?

When you have a clear idea of what you like (and what you don’t like!) you’ll be in a better position to advise your brow artist of what it is you want – and therefore are likely to be highly satisfied with the outcome!

But remember, your brow artist is the expert

Although we’ve just said to have a clear idea of what you’re after in terms of brow style and colour, always remember that your brow artist looks at faces all day, every day – so they do know best and will let you know of any changes to the style you suggest, if they think it might not end up suiting your face shape. For example, if you want sky-high brows and an arch to end all arches, but have a very round face, you may end up looking permanently surprised instead of sexy! Your brow artist will advise on how to achieve the final look you want, in a way that is workable and works perfectly for you.

How do they decide on the shape?

Your brow artist will measure and ensure the area being treated is perfectly even on both sides. This involves a coloured string and marking distances between eyes, hairline and each other and this is completely tailored to each client. This part of the process looks something like this:

You will have the chance to look in the mirror and confirm the shape and style ahead of the use of any tool – your brow artist will check to see you’re happy at quite a few stages in this early part of the process when you’re confirming the outline.

And in case you’re wondering, the above brows turned out like this:

A few final pointers…

Remember to always ask questions if you’re unsure, as you need to be absolutely satisfied with the final look.

The great thing about semi-permanent procedures is just that – they are semi-permanent! This means that when styles, trends and other things inevitably change, you can also change your brows to suit. You’ll never be left for the rest of your life with the decision you make today on brow style, so if you both know yourself and trust your brow artist you can’t go wrong.