Does microblading or digital machine tattooing ruin your natural eyebrows?

It can be daunting when considering changing your brows – being such a prominent facial feature, it’s a natural consideration after all! The advantage of semi-permanent tattooing is just that – semi-permanent, so the results aren’t going to be on your face forever, but instead typically last anywhere from 12 to 18 months.

We’ve covered the advantages of semi-permanent beauty procedures in past blogs, including the fact that you can update the look of your brows if trends change, you dye your hair a different colour, or you just want to mix things up – so not as scary as it can sometimes sound!

But – does it inhibit or damage the natural hair growth of your eyebrows, if you choose not to continue to touch up your bladed brows? Or, does it otherwise change the way your hair naturally grows in the brow area?

In short, no.

Although there are some considerations which we’ll get into more below, it doesn’t seem that semi-permanent brow procedures have any kind of lasting effect on the way your natural hair grows, even when it seems your entire brow needs to be reshaped. Just as they won’t prevent your natural hair growth, it won’t stimulate it, either! This is great news for people who have naturally very full brows who want to define their shape, as well as those with thin or overplucked brows looking to get a fuller, but still very natural, final look.

That means if you do have sparse brows and you’re trying to encourage hair growth in the brow area, semi-permanent procedures such as digital machine, feather touch and microblading can be a great way to have the appearance of a more even, fuller style of brow – even if you’re not naturally so lucky as to have them just grow that way!

If you’re one of those people trying to get a different look with your brows due to the way your natural hair growth is, a semi-permanent procedure could be the perfect solution. Have a look at some of the Artisan Beauty before and after transformations to see how semi-permanent brow procedures have transformed those with very light, sparse brows, as well as those with darker, fuller brows – both to a beautiful result.

It might be worth considering…

Sometimes, especially if you have undergone previous procedures before the digital machine became commonplace, there can be residual light scarring. So although you can absolutely let your treated brows fade over time to reveal your natural look, whilst you won’t experience inhibited or lessened hair growth, you may find that older procedures have left their mark.

The reason for this is the depth that a handheld blade can get to, particularly by someone inexperienced. A deeper cut that goes beyond the first few layers of skin – one that tends to bleed a lot and exposes tissue or blood vessels – will typically leave a small scar. Some people are also more prone to scarring than others, so it’s always good to know how you heal, and the effect that a semi-permanent procedure will have on your skin, specifically. In saying this, if a procedure is performed correctly and you have been honest with your brow artist, you shouldn’t experience lasting scarring should you choose to leave your brows to fade.

To minimise the risk, always make sure you do your research and be sure to ask plenty of questions! You should know your brow artist’s previous work and be confident in the result you’re going to get.

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